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Why every man & woman should do Kitesurfing


Have you had this wonderful feeling? You have been doing your favorite sport activity all day long.. When the evening comes you are totally exhausted. You just lying on the bed, every muscle feel totally worked out. You feel totally relaxed in your body and soul. I have had ton´s of this experience! It´s GOLD. 

OK, let´s continue about my wonderful activity named Kitesurfing.


Lots of adrenalin and [check out jump]


You train the whole body. You turn explosive which makes it as an extremely good compliment to lifting weights. I can´t strong enough recommend lifting weights and kitesurf as a combination. Your body´s response is awesome.


This is obvious.


If you like speed then this is the sport for you. The world record is more than 110km/h. I promise you, you will get enough of speed for you hunger for excitement and adrenaline.

Jump, soul and creativity

You are on the surface of a wave and the next second in the air. This sport offers you everything you possible can imagine. There are no limits of what you can figure out to do on the water. This also attract the creativity nerve many entrepreneurs have. Richard Branson favorite sport is Kitesurfing (probably not only because of the creativity part).

June 2nd 2015 it was just one of those stormy days in the Netherlands. With one of world's most extreme kiteboarding elite, the highest jump was more than 20m.

The beaches nearby #nabbalund offers the best condition for Kitesurfing in Sweden. Also the best waveboard surfing spot (no kite or sail) in Sweden is located only 300m from the resort. Checkout facebook pictures, search on facebook for #nabbalund. I have also started to prepare the search for accommodation at #tripquick to allow search on different activities like Golf, Kitesurfing and Hiking.


Just ignore the text in the movie, the url is out of date. If you want to stay at this place use the tag #nabbalund 



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