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The three most important things in life


Check out the video clip - in old days this was pointed out as the most beautiful place in the north of Europe. Kings and queens from the whole Europe visited this place. This short clip was recorded early spring 2016. Find a place like this and learn the three most important things in life.

Before you can use any of the tools describe on this website or blog you need to do the right prioritizations in life. I hope you will agree on these areas. It´s the foundation of success for anything you want to achieve. If any of these areas doesn´t work then nothing else will matter.
You will fail.
If you haven´t thought about this before, it will change your life.
OK, I will give it to you for free..

1. Relationship
2. Health
3. Freedom


If you feel alone and do it for some while then nothing will make you happy. We are social human beings. If you are alone then you will lost your health. It´s against your nature to not having a friend. Human beings are social creatures and we all need the company of humans. If you’re lonely then don’t be alone. Go meet people. Be around people. If people don’t want to be around you then that is a problem you need to correct.


If your in an wheel chair you will pay anything to get your legs back. Even if some sportsmen could cut their hands of if that would be the sacrifice to win an OS medal, they say..

Freedom is money

If you have money you can setup your life as you want. But you will need less money than you think. If you haven´t got enough money to pay your bills it´s a misery. No one can feel comfortable in that situation. Either downsize or downsize.. No options. Don´t put yourself in debt. Bad management of money will make your situation bad no matter how much money you earn. If you have a lot of money and bad management of money, then you will be a prisoner in your wealth. It will be no wealth, only chains and worries. You can get the freedom with low income, but then you maybe need to change your lifestyle or where you live. The internet comes with new possibilities that never existed before. To work from anywhere in the world. To live a rich life is not only money, also Per Håkan Börjesson agree with that. He lives a quite spartan life compared to what he has the possibilities to do.


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