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Renting out an apartment, a room, bed or house can be a solution when you doing a startup of a business. To generate extra income. Tracy who is the founder of Tradesy did this as an extra income during her early years in the startup phase of her business. It´s also a way of training customer contact and how to handle different situations that comes up. It can be difficult sometimes and it´s hard to find out what would happen next.

When is the first time you should rent out your house or room?

Start when you are on vacation.

What I say to you is that it´s good to start small. Renting out involves a lot of important situations to handle that will be your challenges to cope with.

- Customer interaction

- Money into your bank account

- Eliminate time thieves, increase productivity

- Following up procedures after guests has left your home

You will also figure out how to be productive. I have found very cost effective ways of giving the customer the right information sources right away. Also productive re-use of information. I don´t need to spend so much time during my rent out period as I did before.

I always publish answers in an common place where all guests have access. It´s an official place. Google on #nabbalund and checkout google+ if you want an example to follow.

You should apply Occam´s razor on your business as well as in many other situations. Have a clear vision for your self. Take small steps until you are on the top of the mountain. Or in other Words, slice the elephant.

I did a lot of hard work, but I will make it easy for you. Or at least as easy as I can do, there still will be work for you to finish off. But at least you can take advantage of the

- Information I give to you for free

- Advertise on my search engine for free

- Website hosting and use already created building blocks, functions and plugins.


 - S

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