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How to train a Bluetick Coon hound

 ..and your development to be a GREAT leader.

To train a dog is as developing for yourself as for the dog. You don´t agree? Well I will tell you why, what´s happening, just wait a moment.

Start training the dog when it is 4 weeks old.

- yes/no

- sit

- stay

- lay down

- come

- heel

These are the base skills. Every time the puppy sit down, you reward with a candy. Also say "Sit". Every time the puppy comes to you, reply "Come" and give the puppy a candy.

Only give positive feedback. Never punish the puppy. Just say "No" and remove the puppy from the situation.

It´s your decision to always give positive feedback and give reward to the right behavior.

When my coonhound has finished her base training she will continue to focus on her hunting abilities. But the skills she has learned before will continuously need maintenance  

As I started, to train a dog is developing for yourself. Do you know what´s happening with your self by continually train a dog? To reward the right behavior. Do you know how this can affect your daily life? It´s the best school for training leadership ever. A dog needs discipline and a self-confident leader to look up to. You will be forced to show that behavior. When you are unsecure you will get an unsecure dog. The dog will reflect your behavior.

Dogs love positive feedback and reward for a good behavior. Humans need dogs. You should always treat your dog with respect and as your friend. You are the only friend your dog has. There´s a huge list of positive effects by cuddling, clap and building a relationship with a dog. Life is never too serious with a dog. A dog is always like a child in it´s behavior.


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