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How to take advantage of digital automation


Digital automation is the start of freedom. If you are an student, not paying attention to automation it might be unemployment in the future.
I will teach you how to handle it.

To be attractive in the job market
- Produce digital automated procedures
- Work with humans

Try to get a job which involves putting working processes into digital automated procedures.

Are you looking for a job as a
- Doctor
- Nurse
 service job..as a summary, a job which involves taking care of people. Then you have a good chance to make your living in the future. You will use digital automated 
processes but they will not take your job.

Somehow you should think about what happens when the automation continue to take care of working tasks done by human beings.

The automation of working tasks is as unstoppable as the sun. You can never change how the world is changing and how things happning around you. But you can control how you respond.

The "Candle Maker's Petition" is a satire of protectionist tariffs. I think it´s quite close to what automation is doing with people’s feelings. Fear of the unknown and something you can´t change, a threat. 
"Candle Maker's Petition" is written the by great French economist, Frederic Bastian. He was born in 30´th of June 1801, Bayonne, France.

In many ways, it expanded on the free market argument against mercantilism set forth by Adam Smith, but Bastian’s target was government tariffs that were levied to 
protect domestic industries from competition. In Bastian’s "Candle Maker's Petition", all the people involved in the French lighting industry, including "the 
manufacturers of candles, tapers, lanterns, sticks, street lamps, snuffers and extinguishers, and from producers of tallow, oil, resin, alcohol, and generally of 
everything connected with lighting" call upon the French government to take protective action against the unfair competition of the sun.

If you have the time to read, just go ahead..

1. Google "Candle Maker's Petition", it´s really fun to read but to much text to put here.

Instead of feeling that automation is a threat, take advantage.

This blog is only art, I will not do any marketing of my small businesses. But #nabbalund is automated in many ways.

The customer support and connection is not a target for automation and I will handle my customer with care and by myself. I want a relationship with my customers. I don´t trust any second part to do that work for me. #tripquick is prepared from the beginning for being almost automated. It has been a fundamental requirement to keep a low monthly cost. But it´s the same thing 
with #tripquick as #nabbalund, I want customer satisfaction to be the NUMBER ONE prioritization. As I mentioned above, some working tasks will never be automated.
If you want me to write more about automation, just tell me in the comment field. I have been working in this area more than 15 years.


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