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How to gain endless willpower


Willpower is limited. But we will climb the mountain together. There´s endless number of blogs out there on the internet who tells you how to be more 
disciplined or breaking out of your comfort zone. This is an endless task and you will never succeed. 

The human brain is built the same way as for 4000 years ago. And it´s almost the same for 99% of the population.

The foundation of the brain always seeking the shortest easiest way to spend less energy. Some how it´s good but in our society it simply doesn´t work.

Too easy to get food and when you eat,  you eat too much.

In old days, this problem was essential to save energy for future hard periods. Cold 
weather and less or no food. Preparation for days when it was difficulties to get food.

Business is more of a psychological challenges than anything else. Too many barrier to pass for most people. It´s difficult for some people to receive payment.

Other people worry too much about what other people think.

Everyone have different challenges but some challenges is quite common. My challenge is to ask for payment for my services.

It´s important to have a little bit of self-ironic approach to your business.

Unless you get the right tools.
- you are in charge of your thoughts

Business is all about mindset. It´s your own psychological barriers that needs to be broken. You have 
to ask yourself if it´s true or not.

You can steer your thoughts. The brain is not your guide, you guide your brain.

It´s essential to really understand that you are in charge of your thoughts. Lots of people doesn´t think this is true. 
They think that their possibilities are limited to control their thoughts. But there are no limits of 
the possibilities to control your thoughts, even if it can sometimes be a tuff challenge.
But as I said in the beginning, will power is limited. But.. there´s a paradox in all of this.

- you don´t need to use willpower..
- you need to avoid using willpower to succeed. 

To succeed you need to avoid mistakes.

A mistake is to focus on what you feel is the problem instead 
of preparing for the solution.

- everything is about being prepared
- and not to think..

If your challenge would be to running 3km every morning five days a week as an example.

You can´t stay  in your bed and feel if you have the energy to get up. Because  you will not feel that energy you need  for complete your run.

But when you are out their running, it´s obvious that you had energy enough.

As I described before, your brain is designed to save energy. It´s something you must understand to be successful.

You need to make decisions not based on your feelings. If you always make decisions based on feelings you will be lazy. The environment around you is soft, too easy to get food and a comfortable life. The pressure of survival is far gone. 

To win you need to prepare already the day before. You need to go to bed early. You need to prepare food. All your stuff you need to bring to work needs to be at one place. You need to have enough of time to make your jogging tour without stress.

These tasks are far more important than "increase your will power" by discipline and other stuff.

- remove your distracts

You need to remove distractions to be able to focus on the important stuff.
My willpower is not  good at all.. I just have the right tool to cope with that. And yes.. I run every morning five times a  week, even if I don´t like it. My interest is Kitesurfing, that´s fun and I never need any motivation to go out in the waves..  


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